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This Pre-registration session is available in
Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines.

An innovative open world game with the imagination of Eastern Mythology.

A boundless universe, transform a mystical

wilderness, be whatever you want to be, one-of-a-kind ancient beasts,

versatile weapons for Better Combat

In ancient times, the battle between the gods caused the celestial river to spill its banks.

The Sage stole the "Spirit Orb" to halt the deluge.

Aurogon's daughter Bella collected the fragments of the Sage's soul, the remaining power of the Spirit Orb, and draconic fire essence to rebuild the Sage's body anew.

Having lost his precious Spirit Orb, Emperor Jun flew into a thunderous rage...

Home to rolling green mountains, tumultuous rivers, and rocky crags blanketed in snow, this land is brimming with life.

Chimeraland is teeming with talented beasts. Strong spirits wander far and wide.

All life is but a seed; beginning and end meet in an unending loop. All life is one with me, and I am one with all life.

There is never a lack of things to do in Chimeraland. Occasionally, you may stumble upon an odd building where you can sleep under the moon and stars.

The surge serpent landed in the sea and rescued Bella and the hero from danger...

The Central Pillars opened and Chimeraland came into being. Are the stars aligned in your favor, or against you? All is waiting to be revealed.


A carnivorous therapod from the Late Cretaceous, and top of the food chain. With its sharp teeth, a powerful bite, and aggressive nature, it is the perfect hunter.


Carnivore, slender head, long body, short forelimbs and long hind legs, a sail on its back, heavy head and lightweight body, good at swimming and hunting.


It has a long, thin and blunt beak, but it has no teeth. A ridged crown rests on its head, its neck is long, and and it has wide wings. It likes to eat giant beasts. It is fierce and good at flying.


The legend of the big fish, lives in the far north of the deep sea - the North of the Dark. It’s thousands of miles long, and it swims 3,000 miles. It can be changed into a big bird called peng. The peng also has thousands of miles of back, its wings spread out like clouds hanging in the sky.

Ninetail Fox

The mythical beast lives in the Greenhill. Fox tribe, with four feet and nine, a tail, sound like a baby, can eat human.

Good at metamorphosis, can take human and other animal forms.

Bone Dragon

A kind of dragon. It retains dragon-like abilities and traits, with a head like a dragon, bat-like wings, and a long, powerful tail.

He's a fierce, man-eating beast.