Join The 2nd Closed Beta Now!
Chimeraland is an innovative open-world game.
Every player who joins Chimeraland will experience the boundless imagination of Eastern mythology as they dive into an immersive exploration of a new world.
Available on Mobile!
iOS / Android
Time of Beta Test (UTC+8):
Welcome to the second closed beta test of Chimeraland! Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure that you can successfully participate in the test and enjoy a fantastic adventure in Chimeraland!
Hardware and system requirements

IOS Minimum requirements:

OS: iOS 9.0 or higher

CPU: A9 or better

iPhone 6S or better

Free storage: 6 GB

Android Minimum requirements:

OS: Android 6.0 and up

CPU: Snapdragon 450 or better


Free storage: 6 GB

Participation requirements
1.   As this is a small-scale closed beta, the test is only open to players from the Phillippines.
2.   Testers must own a device that meets the game's requirements. iOS users are also required to install the "TestFlight" app.
Is it necessary to meet the hardware requirements?
Chimeraland has fairly high system requirements. If your device specifications are lower than the recommended specifications, you may not be able to download the app, your device may crash, or there may be serious lag while playing.
Will data from this test be transferrable to the official release server?
All data will be deleted at the end of the test period.
Character appearances can be transferred to the official game server by copying and saving the appearance code.


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