Of the genres below, which do you prefer?
1.Multi-Player Open-World Cooperative Survival and Crafting Games (e.g. Rust, Valheim)
2.Open-World RPGs (e.g. Genshin Impact, Cyberpunk: 2077)
3.Traditional MMOs (e.g. World of Warcraft)
4.Sandbox Games (e.g. Minecraft)
6.I don't play games
Which games have you played in the last 6 months? (Choose all that apply)
2.Ark: Survival Evolved
3.The Last Day on Earth
6.Genshin Impact
7.The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
8.Cyberpunk: 2077
9.Grand Theft Auto V
10.None of the above
If there was a new open-world game,
what factors would make you most interested in playing it? (Choose 3)
1.High-quality graphics
2.Captivating ideas, themes, and story
3.Creative and unique gameplay
4.Rich multiplayer gameplay and a solid cooperative experience
5.An immersive open-world experience with lots of content to explore and collect
6.Solid and multi-faceted crafting system
7.A rich level-up and progression system
8.There is a game I have already invested a lot of time in, so I am not interested in playing a new open-world survival and crafting game
Which of the following most closely describes how you prefer to participate in games?
1.I prefer exploring and playing by myself
2.I prefer joining a server and playing with strangers online
3.I prefer playing with friends online
If there was a multi-player, open-world survival and crafting game that could be played on both PC and mobile at the same time,which of the following most closely describes your gaming preferences?
1.I only play on PC and never play mobile games
2.If the mobile experience is good, I would be willing to try it out on mobile
3.I only play mobile games, I am not used to a PC or do not own a PC
Which of the following names grabs your attention the most and makes you want to play the game?
2.Wild Rhapsody
4.Terrene of Extremes
5.An Eastern Illusion
6.Bold Rhapsody
7.Chimera Craft